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Compile the source. <graalvm-dir>\bin\javac.exe Foo.java. Create the native image. Open Windows SDK 7.1 Command Prompt in start menu. It is installed as part of Windows SDK for Windows 7. Invoke the compilation from there. <graalvm-dir>\bin\native-image.cmd Foo. If the output looks like. >..\..\opt\graalvm\graalvm-ee-1. Currently, the GraalVM environment on Windows can be extended with Native Image. Prerequisites for Using Native Image on Windows # To make use of Native Image on Windows, observe the following recommendations. The required Microsoft Visual C++ (MSVC) version depends on the JDK version that GraalVM is based on. For GraalVM based on JDK 8, you will need MSVC 2010 SP1 version. The recommended installation method is using Microsoft Windows SDK 7.1

GraalVM's native-image on Windows 10 x64 - guide and unscientific benchmarks. Short-lived programs on JVM have a huge disadvantage - they start slowly and a huge part of their code runs interpreted before the JIT compiler kicks in. The solution is to compile the program to native code GraalVM's native image generation utility has also been updated to provide extended support on Windows. A native image is an ahead-of-time (AOT) compiled Java bytecode packaged as a standalone.. I have created native image from a simple application using graalvm on Windows 10. It's working very well, but the application is opening a console. It's working very well, but the application is opening a console GraalVM makes real native executables without a packaged runtime. Unfortunately, GraalVM's native-image, and indeed its entire support for Windows, is in early adopter status. There are some error messages that aren't accurate, some bugs, and some features missing. But it does work, more-or-less

If, on the other hand, you execute the image with app -Dfoo=bar, it will show foo in the list of properties because you specified it for image run time. In other words: Passing -D<key>=<value> to native-image affects properties seen at image build time. Passing -D<key>=<value> to an image execution affects properties seen at image run time Tried to execute gu install native-image due for GraalVM's native image Maven plugin is failing with the well known Fatal error: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException. Pulled a fresh copy from t.. Install the native-image tool using gu install: $ {GRAALVM_HOME}/bin/gu install native-image Some previous releases of GraalVM included the native-image tool by default. This is no longer the case; it must be installed as a second step after GraalVM itself is installed The native image builder generates reflection metadata for all classes, methods, and fields referenced in that file. The allPublicConstructors , allDeclaredConstructors , allPublicMethods , allDeclaredMethods , allPublicFields , allDeclaredFields , allPublicClasses , and allDeclaredClasses attributes can be used to automatically include an entire set of members of a class For simple SWT dialogs i used this: graalvm-swt-native-image. https://github.com/mbarbeaux/graalvm-swt-native-imagel. also interesting: GraalVM: provide json config file for fields/methods to keep for native-to-Java invocation

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  1. Windows GraalVM Preview: Support for GraalVM on Windows is currently under development. Until it is available, a preview build is provided below that includes the Graal compiler but does not include support for building native images or installing guest languages. - Szymon Stepniak Mar 31 '19 at 14:37. Add a comment | 2 Answers Active Oldest Votes. 8. Currently (2019-04-01) there's no full.
  2. GraalVM Enterprise Native Image Native Image is a technology to ahead-of-time compile Java code to a standalone executable, called a native image. This executable includes the application classes, classes from its dependencies, runtime library classes, and statically linked native code from JDK
  3. Forked from oracle/graal Mandrel is a downstream distribution of the GraalVM community edition. Mandrel's main goal is to provide a native-image release specifically to support Quarkus
  4. According to the GraalVM native-image reference, you can get this easily via the Window SDK 7.1 image from Microsoft For a GraalVM distribution using Java 11, you need MSVC 2017 15.5.5 or later . I would definitely recommend just going with the latest version (currently 2019) unless you already use another version in your workflow
  5. GraalVM does not have cross-compile support for native images yet, so at the moment you need to compile on Windows to get a Windows executable, compile on Linux to get a Linux executable, and on MacOS to get a MacOS executable
  6. GraalVM show me a very good improvement of the performance just switch to the GraalVM with Native Image. I don't compare with OpenJDK, however, GraalVM without Native Image is already fast. The guy who tested on Mac or Linux, he said that it is 45 times faster against 3 times faster on Windows 10. However, it still fantastic outcome. I also learned that check the status of the support of the.

GraalVM native image support does not support cross-compilation, meaning if you want to create a Windows executable, you'll need to compile on a Windows server. This is where it can get tricky if you use cloud-based CI/CD solutions, as these are often Linux-based and there is little documentation for how to build using GraalVM on Windows. Such is the case for me when I wanted to build a. GraalVM native images can be created from just about any JVM language: Scala, Clojure, Kotlin, and even Groovy (with some extra work). Read the docs for more info! We'll run this job on an Ubuntu runner, but it doesn't matter for this step which OS you use for the VM runner used to build the JAR file. To get started, we'll check out the code, make sure that the runner is configured for Java 11. # Prerequisites: GraalVM is installed to your machine. # Then install native-image. $ gu install native-image # Run nativeImage task. $ ./gradlew nativeImage # An executable will be created at native-image directory under the project's build directory $ ls build/native-image my-native-application For Windows user Java major versions out of date. The new version (v20.0) of GraalVM now supports native image compilation for Windows. GraalVM native image support does not support cross-compilation, meaning if you want to create a Windows executable, you'll need to compile on a Windows server. This is where it can get tricky if you use cloud-based CI/CD solutions, as these are often Linux-based and there is little documentation for how to build using GraalVM on Windows. Such is the case for me when I.

Java major versions out of date. The new version (v20.0) of GraalVM now supports native image compilation for Windows. GraalVM native image support does not support cross-compilation, meaning if you want to create a Windows executable, you'll need to compile on a Windows server. This is where it can get tricky if you use cloud-based CI/CD solutions, as these are often Linux-based and there is little documentation for how to build using GraalVM on Windows. Such is the case for me. The Image Generation Options page is a good resource for troubleshooting, you may have to place some of your classes into the --initialize-at-run-time=<comma separated list of class/package names> option. Steps to run GraalVM 19.0.0's native-image in Windows Uninstall any Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Within the VM, I installed GraalVM 2.0.0 for Java 11. See here for the latest releases. I extracted GraalVM and from within the bin folder I ran gu install native-image to install the native-image tool. I also set up PATH, GRAALVM_HOME and JAVA_HOME to point to the GraalVM folder. Well, PATH obviously to the bin folder GraalVM native image can be used to create tiny Docker images as described here. Here's how to use a multistage Docker build to build the image and produce the final image. Very useful for a real build pipeline or if you're on Mac or Windows machine. We assume that your application is available as app.jar in the Docker context The Spring Native project provides support for packaging Spring applications as native images using GraalVM. Compared to JVM executables, native images have faster startup times (< 100 ms) and lower memory consumption. However, building a native image requires more time than a JVM-based one. The project is still in beta but already supports most of the Spring portfolio modules, including.

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GraalVM Native Image. Mit der GraalVM können native Images erzeugt werden und diese nativen Binaries werden direkt im Betriebssystem ausgeführt, ohne die JVM benutzen zu müssen. Bei der Native-Image-Erzeugung wird eine statische Analyse angewandt, um jeglichen Code zu finden, der über die Java-Main-Methode erreichbar ist, und um dann eine vollständige AOT-Kompilierung (AOT) durchzuführen. Die resultierende native Binärdatei enthält das gesamte Programm zur Ausführung in Maschinencod Follow these steps to install Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition environment on x86 64-bit Windows: Navigate to the Oracle Technology Network Downloads page. Depending on the workload, select Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition based on JDK8 for Windows or Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition based on JDK11 for Windows , and accept the Oracle License Agreement Cannot compile simple Hello World Java application with native-image on Windows. I'm trying to compile a simple Java Hello World application to native code using the native-image utility provided by GraalVM on Windows but I always run into errors (see below). public class HelloWorld { public static void main (String [] args) { System.out Windows builds of GraalVM now include the functional gu utility to install components, for example: gu install native-image. The native-image component previously included in the base distribution..

I'm trying to create a GraalVM native image with Dockers. I have created a Micronaut project, and successfully create a jar application and running this inside a docker; also I've created a GraalVM native image with this jar file and now is possible to run this application, but I need to run a graalvm native image inside a docker, looking for answers in forums I found that it is necessary to build the native image inside the docker, so I have tried with this Dockerfile Home » News » Announcements » Native Windows applications using Gluon Substrate, JavaFX and GraalVM. Native Windows applications using Gluon Substrate, JavaFX and GraalVM . Posted Announcements on May 19, 2020 gluonhq. We are very pleased to announce that Gluon Substrate can now generate static executables for Windows, based on the latest Java and JavaFX code. As we had announced earlier. Native Image is supported by all GraalVM distributions: Community or Enterprise Edition; based on JDK 8 or JDK 11; for Linux, macOS, Windows platforms. However, the builds on JDK 11 tend to be. GraalVM native-image compiler uses ahead-of-time compilation to produce a highly optimized standalone executable file that can start 10x faster than the same.. I'm using Maven and the `native-image-maven-plugin` plugin to call native-image, but it keeps giving me this error: Image building on Java 11+ without native-image requires MAVEN_OPTS='--add-exports=java.base/jdk.internal.module=ALL-UNNAMED'. It looks like the GraalVM setup is OK, though, as the PATH contains C:\hostedtoolcache\windows\GraalVM\20.1.0-java11\x64\bin JAVA_HOME is C:\hostedtoolcache\windows\GraalVM\20.1.0-java11\x64 and `java -version` gives me this output

GraalVM Native Image quick reference (web version, for printing please use pdf) This reference fits neatly on an A4 paper, so you can hang it on a wall and use it as a reminder of what GraalVM can. GraalVM-19 fails to build running native-images for Clojure projects hot 8 Error: Native-image building on Windows currently only supports target architecture: AMD64 (?? unsupported) hot 8 native-image fails to compile fat-jar of scala-2.12.6 project hot Da dies von den Entwicklungsumgebungen derzeit noch nicht unterstützt wird, gehen wir auf die Kommandozeile und installieren in der GraalVM zunächst das Native Image: C: \graalvm\bin>gu install native-image Downloading: Component catalog from www.graalvm.org Processing Component: Native Image Downloading: Component native-image: Native Image from github.com Installing new component: Native Image (org.graalvm.native-image, version 20.1.0 Native Image Configuration. Runtime vs Build Time Initialization ; Native Image supports a wide range of options to configure a native image build process. A recommended way to provide configuration is to embed a native-image.properties file into a project jar file. The Native Image tool will automatically pick up all configuration options provided anywhere below the resource location META-INF. Native Image. The native image feature with the GraalVM SDK helps improve the startup time of Java applications and gives them a smaller footprint. Effectively, it's converting bytecode that runs.

Download Liberica Native Image Kit, a multilingual tool to create highly-performant native binaries from applications written for JVM. This native image download page contains open source builds of Liberica JDK and suitable GraalVM Native Image™, all compatible with Linux distributions (including musl-based Alpine), Windows, and macOS Here you can download Visual Studio:https://visualstudio.microsoft.comHere you can download Java JDK 11:https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-jdk11..

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Native Image doesn't work on Windows 10 since graalvm-ce-java11-windows-amd64-20.3.1 hot 9 20.1.0 native-image-maven-plugin: Error: Unable to detect supported WINDOWS native software development toolchain. hot The GraalVM Dashboard tool visualizes what code and data is compiled into the executable built by native image. Simple visual approach helps to identify the components contibuting the most size. maven pom.xml 代码是一个简单的调用js 的代码,使用了graalvm 的polyglot 特性 同时包含了native-image 的maven plugin 方便生成native 模式的可运行软 GraalVM is able to read a file named reflection-config.json - that should be under the same META-INF directory as native-image.properties - that tells it what classes in our app are usually loaded using reflection, to make sure GraalVM includes them at compile time, and is able to know what fields and methods it should include Transcript ©2020 VMware, Inc. Spring Native Applications Combining Spring and GraalVM native image technology Martin Lippert Spring Tools Lead, MAPBU, VMware November 2020 (based on work by Sébastien Deleuze, Andy Clement, and others

Java Virtual Machine: GraalVM 21 startet die Trüffelsuche für Java Neben einer Anbindung von Java an das Truffle-Framework bringt die JVM-Implementierung erweiterte Funktionen für native Images To deliver GraalVM's native-image feature via Mandrel, we build only the Substrate VM framework, along with its dependencies. This includes the GraalVM SDK and the GraalVM compiler. All other GraalVM components, like Truffle and Sulong, are not part of Mandrel, and we don't build them. Apart from the GraalVM SDK and compiler, the Substrate VM also depends on a base JDK and a native. graalvm/native-image. GraalVM AOT compilation of some Java apps. People Repo info Activity. Peter Kessler oracle/graal@3c85875 improves native-image reflection support by automatically detecting reflective calls and intrinsifying them to the corresponding target elements statically. Please read the updated REFLECTION.md for details. David M. Lloyd. @dmlloyd. cool! David M. Lloyd. @dmlloyd. graalvm/native-image. GraalVM AOT compilation of some Java apps. People Repo info Activity. Ghost. @ghost~5377c1e9048862e761fa1c25. @cristiWiRd_twitter yes the right place to ask, but you're probably best off opening a GitHub issue for that..

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GraalVM Native Image is one of the most popular features that GraalVM offers. It allows Ahead-of-Time (AoT) compilation of Java programs into a self-contained native executable, called a native image. The executable is optimized and contains everything needed to run the application, and it has faster startup time and smaller heap memory footprint compared with a JVM. Therefore, native images. GraalVM 20.0.0 になって native-image の Windows 対応が experimental はまだ取れてないが improves significantly な状態 日曜プログラミング 休日趣味でやってるプログラミング関連記事をダラダラと. 2020-03-04. Windows GraalVM で Clojure 製CLI ツールの native-image 作ってみた. Clojure Java GraalVM Windows. 2020/07/01 追記. GraalVM. GraalVM, a polyglot virtual machine that provides a shared runtime to execute applications written in multiple languages like Java, Python, and JavaScript, has released major version 20.0 with full support on Windows Platform. In a related news, Apache Tomcat 9 has announced full support for GraalVM native image generation that includes the. GraalVM Native Image supports the delivery of Java applications as shrink-wrapped, self-contained, standalone executables, commonly referred to as Java-native images. Native images often have a smaller footprint and faster startup time compared to running the same application in the traditional way on the JVM. This is often a win for short-running applications or small

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GraalVM has a neat feature that allows us to build a statically linked native image using the --static parameter. If you are calling native-image directly then you just add that parameter. If you are using Maven / Quarkus or sbt then you'll use a build config parameter to add it (i.e. pom.xml, build.sbt) The native image executable is noticeably larger in file size, but that's to be expected with GraalVM. We need to include all relevant parts of the JDK in our native image for it to run on any system. Just for fun, take the graalvm-rest executable from our source system and copy it to a different system without Java installed. You'll need to use the same architecture and base OS on the new system as the source system. So no copying a Linux native-image to Windows (yet). You.

[graalvm-dev] Random seed baked in the Native image on Windows Michal Karm michal.babacek at gmail.com Thu Apr 16 04:10:43 PDT 2020.. GraalVM can compile your Java applications to single native images, but it has some limitations. Picocli is a modern library for writing CLI apps on the JVM which can help tackle GraalVM's.. Considered a major release, GraalVM 20 improves on previously available builds for Windows platforms. Windows builds now include the gu utility for installing components and improved GraalVM Native.. Ask questions Native Image doesn't work on Windows 10 since graalvm-ce-java11-windows-amd64-20.3.1 Describe the issue. graalvm-ce-java11-windows-amd64-20.2. works fine on my Windows 10, but since graalvm-ce-java11-windows-amd64-20.3.1, I got following exception. I also tried graalvm-ce-java11-21..0, it has the same problem. Steps to reproduce the issue Please include both build steps as well. In this blogpost though we'll look at another powerful thing Graal can do: native-image compilation. Instead of explaining what it is, let's just go ahead, install GraalVM and try it out. To install GraalVM, download and unpack, update PATH parameters and you're ready to go. When you look in the /bin directory of Graal you'll see the following programs

-Dquarkus.native.container-build=true. ok? Well, if you don't want to go through the hoops of installing GraalVM too (I did, got a tshirt), use the build JVM parameter to create the image with Mandrel (mentioned on the Quarkus native page, without any explanation what the Mandrel tags were Run gu install native-image to bring in the native-image extensions to the JDK. Alternatively or if you are on Microsoft Windows, you can manually install GraalVM builds as follows: Download GraalVM Set JAVA_HOME and PATH appropriately Introduction. The GraalVM project has been something we've kept a close eye on since its very beginning. It was two years ago that we did two Youtube videos on running Flowable serverless and building a native image with GraalVM. It was very early days at that time - the first real production GraalVM release followed a couple of months later

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GraalVM Builds für Windows enthalten jetzt auch das Werkzeug gu, mit dem sich Komponenten wie etwa Native Image installieren lassen. Die JavaScript Engine und Node.js stehen Anwendern nun ebenfalls.. Taming Java Reflection and Class Initialization for GraalVM Native Image GraalVM Native Image improves the startup of Java applications by orders of magnitud.. The native image builder is an exercise in compromise. If you give GraalVM enough information about your application's runtime behavior - dynamically linked libraries, reflection, proxies, etc. - then it can turn your Java application into a statically linked binary, sort of like a C or Go-lang application 不过我们可以使用一些原生支持GraalVM native image的框架, 比如:Quarkus (后文中会介绍), 这样可以省很多事情。 关于多种编程语言混合调用. GraalVM对于JavaScript和R语言的支持相对还不错,不过对于Python的支持就比较早期(距离能真正使用还有很长的路要走,目前Python基本不可用) (后续文章中我. Name Email Dev Id Roles Organization; GraalVM Development: graalvm-dev<at>oss.oracle.com: Oracle Corporatio

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That means that you have to run native-image on all platforms that your Java program should support. This article will show you how you can use github actions to simplify this task by automating it. Then the only thing you have to do to trigger the release of native excutables of your program is to tag your release and push that tag to github Putting native-image in PATH does not work for Windows. native-image is a batch file in Windows that calls another executable to compile the Java classes to a standalone executable. Therefore, the full path to the batch file e.g. C:\Program Files\Java\graalvm\bin\native-image.cmd must be provided. It is important to include .cmd About the Native Image. The GraalVM Buildpack will provide the GraalVM JDK, including the native-image utility (the Native image builder), and the Substrate VM. The Native Image Buildpack uses native-image to compile the Java bytecode into a standalone executable. The Native Image Buildpack uses the standard tools for building native images and does not depend on Spring Native support

Spring Native for GraalVM provides an incubating support for compiling Spring applications to native executables using the native-image compiler, in order to provide a native deployment option designed to be packaged in lightweight containers. In practice, the target is to support your Spring application (typically a Spring Boot one), unmodified, on this new platform Download and install GraalVM or Mandrel. If using GraalVM, the first step is then to add the Native Image tool. export JAVA_HOME=/absolute...path...to/graalvm-ce-javaX-x.y.z cd $JAVA_HOME/bin./gu install native-image Mandrel already includes the Native Image tool ready to use, so this step can be skipped

GraalVM is comprised of Graal, a just-in-time compiler written in Java, SubstrateVM, a framework that allows ahead-of-time compilation of Java applications into executable images, and Truffle, an.. I believe that the development of GraalVM Native Image changed that drastically. It removed any initial overhead of running JVM while also reducing memory footprint of running executables significantly. Moreover, it enabled the distribution model known from Go - releasing a single standalone binary This update brings a new GraalVM CE early adopter build for Windows. This includes the JDK with the GraalVM Compiler enabled, Native Image, the JavaScript Engine, and the Developer Tools. However, as it says on the GitHub release notes: Currently there is no gu utility or support for other GraalVM languages

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It provides an even faster compiler, faster warm-up, smaller downloads, improved native image support on Windows, and experimental binaries to based on JDK 16. GraalVM Enterprise entitlement with Java SE Subscription makes it even easier to access this technology. Built on proven Oracle Java SE, GraalVM Enterprise provides significant performance benefits for many Java applications. GraalVM. Windows support is currently experimental, so for Windows consider using the WLS and the linux build: Now with this config, GraalVM native image will handle reflection, proxies, JNI, resources (the things that cannot be figured out using static analysis) with no problems. There are a number of web frameworks which have figured out the native image configuration for you: Helidon, Micronaut. Home » org.graalvm.nativeimage » native-image-maven-plugin Native Image Maven Plugin Maven Plugin Tool for generating an image that contains ahead-of-time compiled Java code GraalVM Native Image is one of the most popular features that GraalVM offers. It allows Ahead-of-Time (AoT) compilation of Java programs into a self-contained native executable, called a native image

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Gluon Substrate takes away most of the complexity of using GraalVM Native Image. You can create an app in Java, test it on your desktop, and then compile and link the Java bytecode to a native image for a specific platform by defining a profile in Maven. The resulting binary can be deployed to the AppStore or Google Play The native image executable is noticeably larger in file size, but that's to be expected with GraalVM. We need to include all relevant parts of the JDK in our native image for it to run on any system. Just for fun, take the graalvm-rest executable from our source system and copy it to a different system without Java installed. You'll need. In this guide, we are going to deploy a Micronaut Application as a GraalVM Native image to a AWS Lambda custom runtime. If your Lambda integrates with API Gateway via a Lambda Proxy, a Micronaut function of type Application with the aws-lambda feature is a good fit. Specially, when you have multiple endpoints which you wish to delegate to a single Lambda. 1.1 What you will need. Improve this.

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作为一个尚未流行的vm目前使用也是问题多多, 按照官方的文档学习简直是一步一个坑. native-image HelloWorld 系统环境 windows 10 64位 graalvm-ce-java11-21...2 graalvm环境变量配置完成后命令行中执行 gu install native-i Obtemos uma saída semelhante do utilitário native-image.cmd no Windows como vimos no Linux, levando um tempo comparável e resultando em um executável ligeiramente menor de 11,3 MB para o Java.

GraalVM native Image macht Spring-Boot-Anwendungen Beine #GraalVM #Java #JVM #Spring Boot Schon seit einiger Zeit macht GraalVM von sich reden. Frameworks wie Quarkus oder Micronaut stellen Rekorde auf, was die Start-up-Zeit oder den Arbeitsspeicherverbrauch von Enterprise-Java-Anwendungen angeht A look at GraalVM 20.0: better Windows support, better Native Images, better tooling 原文はこちら。 The original entry was written by Oleg Šelajev (Developer advocate for GraalVM at Oracle Labs Automatic compatibility with GraalVM native without additional configuration If you require full Bean Validator 2.0 compliance, add the micronaut-hibernate-validator module to your build, which replaces Micronaut's implementation

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Native Image Compiler for Linux/X86, MacOS/X86, and Windows/X86, LLVM Interpreter Ideal Graph Visualizer monitoring agent Oracle Premiere Support (MOS) 24x7 from the GraalVM team Built on enterprise-class Oracle Java SE Support for non-JVM native languages including JavaScript and Python HIGH PERFORMANCE Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition's optimizing compiler operates in 2 modes, Just-in. In this blog post, I show you how to build stackoverflow-cli - a command-line application that allows you to search Stack Overflow questions directly from the terminal window. I use Java 11+, Micronaut, Picocli, and GraalVM's native-image GraalVM. Ktor Server Once the fat jar is ready, the only step required is to create the native image using the native-image tool. As this usually requires a number of parameters, for convenience, the sample application provides a shell script (build.sh for macOS/Linux and build.cmd for Windows) that can be executed to obtain the final binary. You can use this script as a starting point for.

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GraalVMのWindows対応はまだGAではないので、WSLを利用して試しました。 ダウンロード. はじめに必要なものをダウンロードします。 spring-graal-native; GraalVM; まずはspring-projects-experimentalのspring-graal-nativeをCloneします。 このプロジェクトはSpringの実験的なプロジェクトとなり正式版ではありません. GraalVM can create a native executable from your Java code, called a native image. During this process, the native-image tool performs a static analysis of your code to pack only the required dependencies, thereby reducing the image size to the bare minimum. Using GraalVM with Fn. You can set up an Fn project with a native image using the Fn. But today we will talk about how to use GraalVM Native Image to compile Scala code to a file executable on Android, with Gluon libraries to access the Android platform beneath, and JavaFX for Graphical User Interface. Scala is in a way just a cherry on the top of the cake here — with GraalVM you can choose from a wide array of programming languages. It probably makes sense to stick to JVM. GraalVM with JPA-based applications (Part 1) First of all, Happy New Year 2019 to each and every single one of you, dear readers!!! I wanted to start the first technical blog post of this new year with one particular piece of JVM-related project I discovered last year and am really enthusiastic about: GraalVM, from Oracle. In a nutshell, GraalVM is a (still experimental) very powerful polyglot.

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